Application Development in Pakistan

Ever since social networking became the rage, several interactive applications based on innovative concepts hit the programming scene.

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Mobile Application Development in Pakistan

Mobile Application Development in Pakistan ever since social networking became the rage, several interactive applications based on innovative concepts hit the programming scene. Mobile manufacturing companies too realized the vast market this opportunity provided. This is how smart phones incorporated the application feature.

Mobile Application Development
Mobile application Development in Pakistan

Mobile Application
Development in Pakistan 

Mobile app development Pakistan and web application development have now broadened the creative scope for programmers who now need to literally think out of the box. Mobile application development focuses mainly on developing applications for mobile phones, smart phones or other handheld devices like palm tops, tablets, ebook readers or PDAs.

Many of these applications are pre-installed on the mobile phones or devices while there are multitudes of others that can be downloaded either as a freebie or for a usually affordable price. There are various platforms that support these applications. Some of the known operating systems that support a wide array of applications are Symbian, Blackberry, iOS, Palm web operating system, and Windows Mobile. Java is also needed in various devices to let the applications run to their full potential without consuming large power. These platforms make the developers work easier by getting him an integrated development environment which lets him test, code and work the applications out depending on the target customer base.

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Unique Mobile Application Development in Pakistan

Once a developer makes a unique Mobile application, he needs to file a patent. Currently, there are thousands of such patents pending world over. Most of these are related with DBMS, managing businesses etc.

Individual developers are being encouraged by mobile manufacturing companies as well as service providers to share their applications on their online stores where these can directly be downloaded by the users. Developers get a fixed share of the revenue depending on such sales and the popularity of these applications. Some of the most famous such online stores are Apple’s application store, HP’s online store and likewise several other online stores.

Web application development and mobile application development are similar from the creativity point of view. Both application developments need a lot of creativity along with an in depth technical knowledge. However, web application development relatively provides more freedom to a developer since the battery of a laptop or a netbook is likely to run more than a smart phones. Also, there is still a relatively larger population that has a regular desktop computer so the power consumption issue which needs to be carefully considered in mobile application development can be viewed in a relaxed manner.

Smart phones like iPhones or Androids run on a battery and usually the data transfer charges are higher for mobile phones compared to regular broadband connections on desktops, laptops or net books which need to be considered while developing mobile applications for both. A mobile application has to deliver more while utilizing less unlike the freedom web enjoys. Optimized webs are designed for handheld devices where mobile applications are supported. Although, web applications have their constraints but the plug-ins required for most web applications are readily available unlike mobile applications that still need a little bit of searching and work on part of the hand held device user.

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